How did our media product attract/address audience?

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Evaluation of our media product

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How did our media product attract/address audience?
1 Story
1.1 Our story is loosely based on Foucault's "Madness and Civilization" - this can attract and address leftist academic and philosophical audience. An example for Foucault's appeal among this subculture can be clear seen in the academic appeal to 'Fight Club' - because it address Foucault's concept of biopolitics
1.1.1 Screenshot from an academic event
1.2 Story can also appeal indie audiences looking for marginal film experiences. Our story is counter-cultural and challenging in nature as it follows psychological state of a 'challenged' person in positive way.
1.2.1 Crystal Fairy is an example of marginal film experience that subverts the value system
2 Visual Aesthetics
2.1 Our film uses lot of visual effects that can be attractive to the audience. We use a cloning effect- which shows two sides of ones personality. This is thematically and visually attractive.
2.1.1 Screenshot from our film- Visual effects. Primer- example indie movie that used clever visual effects- created a cult following
2.2 We use a specific colour scheme.We're using a dark and saturated colour effect mixed up with a dream effect. This dark theme is generically address the audience of psychological films.
2.2.1 Color Scheme reference
3 Generic Conventions
3.1 Our generic style can be challenging in nature. The visual and thematic scheme we follow is inspired loosely from 'Dead Man Shoes'- this film is one of the indie master piece - and has a generally huge cult following. This inspiration can attract and address the same audience to an extend.
3.1.1 Dead Man Shoes poster
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