World War II & Holocaust

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World War II & Holocaust
  1. 3) I think it was inspirational because when a surviving group of young people formed the organization called the Z.O.B. which was led by Mordecai Anielewicz (23 years old) and saw that their actions of fighting against German troops were actually positive because it led to the retreat of the troops. This small victory inspired the ghetto fighters to prepare for future resistance. Because of comparing them, the Germans just fight for orders but this people, this resistance, they fight for living, they are survivors, they got into a point that the only thing they wanted was to get freedom as bad as they wanna breath.
    1. 4) The opposition to the Nazi rule in Germany during 1933 to 1945. It took opposition at church, civilian and military levels. None of the opposition was succesfull and the consequences for those caught opposing Hitler were dire.
      1. 1) Nazis were not only deporting Jews, but also taking them to concentration camps. Their lives were being threatened and they stood together because they wanted to survive throughout the terrible situation that their race was suffering. The Allied forces that fought the Germans gave them hope and increased their desire to oppose to the Nazis.
        1. 2) The first passage tells about an occasion in which an unarmed battle group was caught by Nazis, and instead of getting into the railroad car that would take them to a concentration camp, they refused and were shot. It also reflects about the social impact of their resistance, and how it was possible for Jews to stand against Germans. The second passage celebrates how their resistance had been already stopped Nazis twice. Both are optimistic about how they had been successful in their uprising. One difference about the sources is that the second one is written in a more personal and sentimental way, while the second one is more descriptive.
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