Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade

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Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade
  1. Britain
    1. In London, many companies provided financial services like loans and insurance to traders
      1. Cities benefitted as merchants spent money on buildings
        1. Industries grew
          1. Many jobs were created
            1. Companies expanded
            2. Caribbean
              1. Native Caribbeans were virtually wiped out and replaced by African slaves
                1. Fear of slave rebellions meant that strict slave laws and punishments were introduced on the islands
                  1. The islands relied too much on the sugar industry and if the price of sugar fell the islands suffered
                    1. To this day, the islanders still feel a sense of injustice over the way their people were treated
                      1. Blacks faced discrimination in work and accomodation
                      2. Africa
                        1. Some Africans became very wealthy as they were given guns and alcohol for slaves
                          1. Disastorous effect on Africas population and development
                            1. Increased the amount of wars
                              1. Strong men and women taken
                                1. Led to racial attitudes which still exist
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