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  1. Speed
    1. Formula
      1. Speed is Distance over Time D/T
      2. The Average Speed
        1. The total distance traveled divided by the total time
        2. Instataneous speed
          1. The rate of an object when it is moving at a given time
        3. Velocity
          1. Definition
            1. The Speed and Direction of the objects movement
            2. Important for
              1. Airplane pilots
                1. To not collide with other aircrafts
                  1. Landing the plane
                  2. Citizens
                    1. In case of a Twister (hurricane, Tornado etc.)
                2. Reference Point
                  1. An object that determines if you are in motion or not
                    1. Tree
                      1. Sign
                        1. Pole
                          1. Building
                          2. Sometimes it is hard to determine if you're moving if your reference point is a moving object too. For example when your reference pint is another moving object it is difficult to determine if you are in motion if the object is also in motion
                          3. Acceleration
                            1. Definition
                              1. The rate of which velocity changes
                              2. Increasing Speed
                                1. A train that moves from a stopped position
                                  1. A volleyball that is served from the server
                                  2. Decreasing Speed: aka Deceleration or negative acceleration
                                    1. When an object slows down
                                      1. The volleyball decelerates when it is caught
                                    2. Changing Direction
                                      1. When the object curves, goes left or right.
                                      2. Formula
                                        1. The Initial speed subtracted by The final speed divided by time (Final speed - Initial speed/ Time
                                      3. Graphing Acceleration
                                        1. Time as your x axis and speed as your y axis
                                          1. If the graph is pointing upwards (steep) it means the speen is increasing
                                            1. If the graph is a straight line it means the acceleration was at a constant speed
                                            2. Time as your x axis and distance as your y axis
                                              1. if the graph shows a curved line it means the object is accelerating
                                                1. means that you traveled a greater distance during the third than you did in the first and second
                                            3. Graphing motion
                                              1. Formula for slope
                                                1. rise over run
                                                2. plot points when the x axis is time and y axis is y
                                                  1. these points turn into a slope
                                                    1. slope determines how fast a variable changes compared to the other points on the graph
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