Arguments For/Against the Slave Trade

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Arguments For/Against the Slave Trade
  1. Pro-Slavery Campaigners Arguments
    1. Many people who were employed in the slave trade would lose their jobs
      1. Loss of wealth
        1. If Britain didn't do it then other countries would take its wealth and power
          1. Negative impact on slaving ports
            1. The public had the right to chose to buy slave produced sugar if they wanted to
              1. Argued that slaves were well treated and often better off than the poor British familes
                1. Abolitionists were like French revolutionaries and were trying to destroy Britain
                  1. If the slave trade was abolished then the slaves may go wild and attack their owners
                  2. Abolitionist Arguments
                    1. Slaves were ineffiecent and costly. Sugar could be produced cheaper by workers in India
                      1. Industry no longer depended so heavily on slave trade
                        1. Industrial revolution was in full swing
                          1. Slaves were denied their freedom and human rights
                            1. Britain was trading more with India
                              1. People were needed to work in the new factories
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