Overall Impact of the Empire on Scotland

Naomi Anderson
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Naomi Anderson
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A mind map summarising the overall social, cultural, economic and political impact of the British Empire on Scotland.

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Overall Impact of the Empire on Scotland
  1. Social and Cultural Impact
    1. Positive
      1. Relieved Problems of overcrowding and unemployment
        1. Profits improved living standards
          1. Indian-grown tea became a staple of the Scottish diet
            1. Scotland's cultural profile was raised internationally through education, Church of Scotland, Highland games, and Caladonian societies
              1. Provided career opportunities
              2. Negative
                1. Scotland was being emptied of its most enterprising spirits because of emmigration
                  1. Scottish workers suffered worse living conditions than the English
                2. Economic Impact
                  1. Positive
                    1. Entrepreneurs able to make huge fortunes
                      1. Helped Scottish banks to prosper
                        1. Shipbuilding prospered, especially in Glasgow
                          1. Stimulated the travel industry
                          2. Negative
                            1. Emigration of workers shifted the balance of economic power to the Empire and away from Scotland
                              1. Over-reliance of Scottish economy on heavy industries meant it was vulnerable to declines in international trade.
                                1. The Empire had become a competitor to many Scottish industries eg. Jute in Dundee
                              2. Political Impact
                                1. Positive
                                  1. Scotland's position within the UK after 1707 offered many Scots the opportunity to participate in the development of the Empire (OPINION)
                                    1. Raised Scotland's international profile
                                    2. Negative
                                      1. Scotland's role in helping to create the British Empire has meant that Scotland's own history has been tied to that of the UK as a whole (OPINION)
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