Rise of Fascism in Italy

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A brief summary of some of the main factors that contributed to the rise of Mussolini and Italian Fascism.

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Rise of Fascism in Italy
1 Versailles 1919
1.1 1915 Treaty of London
1.1.1 'Unredeemed Italy'- Dalmatia etc.
1.1.2 British Promises
1.2 Wilson dismisses previous Treaty
1.2.1 Orlando (Italy) angry w/ Wilson
1.2.2 Leaves prematurely w/ some promised land
1.3 Italian Resentment stirred by Mussolini
1.3.1 Akin to German resentment stirred by Hitler
1.3.2 Selfishness over peace
2 Economic Problems
2.1 Uncontrollable Inflation
2.1.1 Milan strikes etc 1922
2.1.2 Savings lost (middle classes)
2.1.3 Pre 1914... prices X5 in Germany X15000 Austria X23000 Hungary
2.2 Unemployment... Returning soldiers
2.3 Agriculture... 50% population
2.3.1 90% less than 3 acres
2.3.2 Land Distribution promised, not delivered
3 Communism
3.1 Russia 1917 revolution... fear
3.1.1 1919 Berlin, Vienna + Budapest communist revolts
3.2 Fascism = Perceived barrier
3.2.1 Democracy weak + Communist threat... Nazi support
3.2.2 Violence used against Communists
3.3 Fascist Support from merchants, bankers, land owners
3.3.1 Agnelli (Fiat), Peroni (arms) Pirelli (tyres)
3.3.2 Church support against atheistic communism Pope Pius
4 Weak Democracy
4.1 Transformism
4.1.1 Secret pre-election deals between opposing parties
4.2 Proportional Representation
4.2.1 Too many small parties in weak coalitions
4.2.2 1919-22: 5 Governments Instability in economic crisis
4.2.3 Akin to new (Versailles) countries e.g. Czech Unused to democracy Shared instability
4.3 Mussolini: Propaganda of national greatness
4.3.1 Chauvenistic nationalism
4.3.2 Roman Empire
4.4 Mafia power in south
4.4.1 Inability of Democracy
4.4.2 Disenfranchisement in poor illiterate south
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