1066 the events leading to the battle of hastings

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tells you about the people involved in the battle of Hastings and the 1066 invasion

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1066 the events leading to the battle of hastings
  1. main agressors
    1. William the conqerour
      1. king of normandy
        1. highers mercenries from france to help him fight
          1. builds massive fleet to invaid England
        2. Herald
          1. viking king
            1. just really really likes england
          2. Harold godwinson
            1. British lord
              1. takes the crown first and becomes king of Englad
          3. setting
            1. king edward the confesser dies
              1. william wants the crown because edward promised him
                1. harold wants the crown because edward promised him too
                2. the battle of hastings
                  1. fought at Battle
                    1. battle lasts for six hours
                      1. Harold with higher ground
                        1. Harold gets shot in eye and dies
                          1. william takes the crown in westminister abby
                            1. England is officaly invaided on christmas day 1066
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