Circus Maximus

Oliver Hall
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Oliver Hall
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Circus Maximus Mind Map

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Circus Maximus
  1. Chariot racing arena in Rome
    1. Spina down the middle
      1. Metae at the end
        1. Here 180 degree turns were made
          1. Very dangerous
      2. Dolphins to count the usual 7 laps
      3. Huge
        1. Sat 250'000 people
        2. Only sport event in Rome where men, women, children and slaves were allowed to sit next to and with each other
          1. 4 different teams
            1. Red
              1. Blue
                1. White
                  1. Green
                    1. Successful charioters became celebraties
                      1. Low life expectancy
                      2. Each chariot had four horses
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