Treaty Of Versailles

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Treaty Of Versailles
1 Who Was Involved
1.1 Lloyd George
1.1.1 The Main aims for Britain's prime Minister was to create a 'Just Peace' that would be tough enough to please the people who wanted Germany to pay but would leave strong enough still so they are still able to trade. George also wanted Land for Britain's Empire and Safe guard Britain's Naval supremecy.
1.2 Clemenceau
1.2.1 Clemenceau the Leader of France wanted Revenge to punish Germany due to the devastation in France. He believed that Alsace-Lorraine should be returned to France. He believed the Germans should have no Army and face huge reparations.
1.3 Woodrow Wilson
1.3.1 Woodrow Wilson the President of the USA wanted to end the war and form the League Of Nations based on his 14 points. He wanted to ensure that Germany was not punished too harshly and Not to blame Germany for the war as he hated the War Guilt Clause.
2.1 Germany would have to pay war reparations ( 132 billion reich marks)
2.2 Germany Was Blamed For the War
2.3 The Armed Forces Were Restricted.
2.3.1 10000 Soldiers
2.3.2 6 Battleships
2.3.3 No Luftwaffe
2.3.4 No Submarines
2.4 All Colonies Of Germany were given to Britain and France
2.5 Germany Could Not Join the LON
2.6 Rhineland was De-Militrised
2.7 The Saar was given to France
2.8 Alsace was given to France
2.9 Poland was created
2.10 Austria was forbidden to join with Germany
3 German reaction
3.1 They were angry that they er no able to negoicate
3.2 A German Newspaper vowed 'We will never stop until we win back what we deserve.
3.3 They said the war guilt was unfair and not true, they eventually declined in 1927
3.4 There was a revolution against the Treaty called the 'Kapp Putsch' in 1920
3.5 Germany hated the reparations and eventualy in 1923 Hitler refused to pay them
4 The League of Nations was founded
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