Who is the audience of our media product and how did we address the audience?

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Who is the audience of our media product and how did we address the audience?
  1. Our target audience is teenagers to young adults
    1. This is because our protagonist is a teenage girl meaning the audience will be able to relate to her.
      1. To ensure this is the appropriate age for our audience we went to the British Board of Film Classification website and looked at the guidelines for a 15 certificate.
        1. 15 was the right certification for our film as it may contain behaviour that younger children may copy and there may also be horror in our film but will not be focused on.
      2. To address our audience, the characters were young teens so that the audience could empathise with them
        1. So that our audience stay engaged we used tense background music to fit our genre which is a thriller
          1. We also used a china doll as a prop which appeared through out the beginning of our media product to imply that there was something sinister about it.
            1. We used a short take when 'Simon' appeared in the opening scene to build pace and so that we did not give to much of the plot away. This meant that the audience was addressed.
              1. We created a dramatic effect through the use of mise en scene bfor example at the end of the scene we spilt 'blood' (tomatoes sauce) onto the table where the doll was sitting to imply that something had happened to it.
                1. The close up shots whilst the girl was making a tea for the doll emphasised the slow pace of the music.
                  1. The over voice explains the background so the audience are able to get an understanding of the character.
                    1. It is set in what looks like an ordinary house which juxtaposes with the events that happen throughout the scene
                      1. We edited the beginning of our product to look like a CCTV camera was filming the events which gave the audience an idea of the narrative. This engaged the audience from the very beginning of the scene.
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