The call for the Second Crusade

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The call for the Second Crusade
  1. Pope Eugenius III
    1. called for a second crusade in Dec 1145 after Edessa had been captured by Zengi
      1. reissued in march 1146 to ensure Papal leadership
        1. little enthusiasm shown at first
          1. fall of Edessa highlighted need for reinforcements in the East
          2. Louis VII of France was considering an armed expedition to the Holy Land
            1. not accepted as Eugenius didn't want to make it appear that a king could call for a crusade
          3. Bernard of Clairvaux
            1. preached in 1146 and sparked more enthusiasm
              1. lead to the reissuing of the papal bull in march 1146
              2. main reason was for personal salvation more than Edessa
                1. for penance and salvation to the men of the west
              3. Bernard's preaching
                1. knew a call for a crusade had to reach a wide audience
                  1. sent letters to different parts of England, Northern Italy and Brittany
                    1. Conrad of Germany rejected call at first as he feared Hungary may seize their land
                      1. when Bernard asked Welf of Bavaria (Conrad's main rival) Conrad took the cross
                    2. preached in Northern France, Flanders and Germany
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