Cont probs during 1815 - 20 & why the nature of regime changed after 1820

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Mindmap on the Bourbons no 3.

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Cont probs during 1815 - 20 & why the nature of regime changed after 1820
  1. Cont probs during 1815 - 20
    1. Chambre Introvable (unobtainable chamber)
      1. Radicalisation of politics to Left / Right from 1817 e/ increase in no of Bonapartists, Libs & Ultras
        1. Ministry resigned in Dec 1818 due to splits
          1. Decazes (From 1818) struggled to gain support of both Chamber of Deps & Chamber of Peers
            1. Louis had increase no of Peers 208 to 270 1819 - include more Bonapartists to ensure support for Decazes
            2. Decazes criticised both by Left & Right despite King's desire to steer a middle path
              1. After murder of Duc de Berry (Feb 1820) King forced "to his bitter grief" to sack Decazes his "dear friend" ("mons fils")
              2. Why did the nature of the regime change after 1820?
                1. Rising no of Libs & Bonapartists in Chamber of Deps (from 25 in 1817 to 90 in 1819)
                  1. Led to collapse of the centre ground
                    1. Constits tended to decide whether to support Left / Right (radicalisation)
                  2. Assassination of Duc de Berry (18 Feb 1820)
                    1. Public outcry, Decazes removed, Richelieu recalled
                    2. Louis' age & physical deterioration - increased role of the Comte d'Artois (Charles)
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