Applied Ecclesiology Project

Caleb Strickland
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Applied Ecclesiology Project
  1. Strengths and Barriers
    1. We are millenials. We are hungry for a new way to do church
      1. We are a New Start church which puts us in the position to become whatever we want. Everyone is open to trying new things.
        1. We are in the Bible Belt. This gives us all an image of "What church is".
          1. Money: We need money to do ministry.
          2. How does the Story of God interact with us right now?
            1. 3. The church in Acts.
              1. We are new. We are still trying to get our legs under us.
              2. 1. Matthew 7:23 "I never knew you, get away from me."
                1. This is my biggest fear for the church. We have lost focus on our mission
                  1. I think more often than not, we are growing "the church" for our own purposes.
                  2. 2. The idea of a temple. Garden of Eden
                    1. People try to associate church with a building or place. This has never been God's intention
                      1. When God created the Garden he put man at its center.
                    2. Imagination
                      1. ?
                      2. Pastoral Processes
                        1. Reinforcement: Keeping the mission front of mind for the congregation.
                          1. Sermons
                            1. Congregational Testimonies
                              1. Give plenty of oppurtunities to serve, and to be served.
                                1. Consistently participate in the sacraments.
                                2. I must be involved in the community.
                                  1. Keeping myself focused on the mission.
                                    1. Devotional life
                                      1. Walking in the community. Caring for my Place.
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