Exploring The Marriage Between Christ and the Church

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This paper seeks to focus upon the role of the church as the bride of Christ through in depth study of scripture and its proper interpretation, through the study of church congregation, and through analyzing the level of involvement the church has in the community.

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Exploring The Marriage Between Christ and the Church
  1. 1. Loving the 21st century church unconditionally
    1. The Church is not always willing to be itself in the world.
      1. The congregation is filled with people that want to know more about God.
        1. The essentials for church are simple.
          1. The church seeks convenience and comfort.
          2. 4. Leading the 21st century church as a true shepherd
            1. Leading the church to be merciful.
              1. Leading the church "beside still waters."
                1. Leading the church through "the valley of the shadow of death."
                  1. Leading the church through "the presence of its enemies"
                  2. 3. Energizing the 21st century church to action
                    1. Art illustration of the church in action.
                      1. mini sermon titled: "Go To The Light Of Christ!" (Matt 4:16)
                        1. Song titled "When The Saints Go To Worship"
                          1. Picture of church diversity. (Acts 5)
                          2. 2. Connecting the 21st century church to today's world.
                            1. The church has been sent as lambs among wolves.
                              1. The exodus from Egyptian bondage has mental significance for the church of today.
                                1. Endure the difficulty of being a church in a dark world. (Jeremiah 29:5)
                                  1. Is the church an organization or an organism? John 2:15
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