What have you learned from audience feedback?

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What have you learned from audience feedback?
1 Genre
1.1 One of the first pieces of audience feedback which I obtained was based upon genre. In my initial questionnaire I asked my participants what genre of music they listened to the most. From my audience feedback to this particular question, I have learned that the majority of people within my target market listen to pop music (65%) and the second most popular genre of music is R'n'B (15%). Researching into what genre of music is the most popular with my target audience allowed me to learn therefore what is the most suitable genre for me to create a music video from.
2 Suitability
2.1 Audience feedback is important to establish whether or not the video is suitable for the target market, and whether it achieves purpose or not. Therefore, after completing my draft video, I uploaded this to YouTube for people to see. This way the link was easily distributed and I was able to send the link to numerous people whilst also asking them to complete a short questionnaire about the video. From the questionnaire on the first draft, I learned numerous things, mainly improvements for the video. For example, one of my main improvements was timing the miming more accurately whilst also making more reference to the male. This was taken directly from my audience feedback on my initial draft. I think that doing audience feedback on the draft, which then allows me to improve my final piece was very worthwhile because it enabled me to understand what the audience liked, and what they thought needed to be improved-this increasing suitability for target audience
3 Questionnaires
3.1 I conducted several questionnaires throughout the process of research, planning and evaluating, all of which enabled me to decide upon different outcomes based upon the questionnaire type which was being conducted. I learn that a lot of the time, the audience responses towards the questionnaire were different than anticipated. For example, from my questionnaire about what digipak and advert they most liked, the most simple ones were the most popular ones. This indicated to me that the target audience just wanted something simple yet affective.
4 Digipak and Advert
4.1 I asked questionnaires for both my digipak and advert to find out about the suitability of the print media to coincide with the recorded media- my music video. I have learned from this questionnaire that I need to keep the advert and digipak simple with relevant information. For example, one participant said that they really liked the use of the social media references which was on the advert, but said that more information could be included. Considering this, I then improved the advert so that more information, which was still relevant, was included such as the release date and record company. I found this very useful because it allowed me to understand what the audience find appropriate, whilst also allowing me to develop my existing designs.
5 Song
5.1 After establishing what genre the song was going to be, I then used audience feedback to decide upon what song I was going to use. Taylor Swift was a dominant artist during the questionnaire where I asked my audience who they listened to regularly, and so it was evident that I would choose a Taylor song and therefore appeal to a large amount of my target audience. I thought that this was very useful because I was directly asking the audience for their feedback on what songs they liked and did not like, this allowing me to pick a song which has appeal. I learned that Taylor Swift songs had huge appeal, compared to One Direction songs which surprisingly didn't.
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