Globalisation and Crime

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Globalisation and Crime
  1. Manuell Castlells (1998) An increase in the global/criminal ecomony has led to a wide range of different crimes
    1. Arms trafficking
      1. Trafficking of nuclear materials
        1. Smuggling of illegal migrants
          1. Trafficking of women and children
            1. Sex tourism
              1. Trafficking of body parts
                1. Cyber crime
                  1. Green crime
                    1. International tousism
                      1. Smuggling of illegal goods
                        1. Drugs trade
                          1. Money laundering
                          2. Ian Taylor (1997) argues that Globalisation has led to the changes in the pattern and extent of crime
                            1. Illegal trade
                              1. Mafias and gangs
                                1. Global connections
                                  1. 'McMafia'
                                    1. 10,000 member strong drug gangs
                                    2. Money laundering has become more widespread - especially among businesses and the wealthy
                                      1. Global terrorist attacks - e.g. 9/11 Twin Towers
                                      2. Hobbs and Dunningham (1990)
                                        1. Loose knit gangs occur at first
                                          1. Then develop into stronger 'mafia' like communities
                                            1. E.g. The Kray Brothers of East End London
                                          2. 'Glocal' Crime - Doing both legitimate and illegitimate activities during the lifetime, but also spreading global in terms of illegitimate activities i.e. international drugs trade
                                          3. Winlow (2004)
                                            1. Bouncer study in Sunderland
                                              1. Found that as well as "rank" giving members a position and authority, the legitimate job allows the worker to then use the job as a illegitimate way o committing crime, i.e. using his status to get hold of unlicenced goods such as tobacco and alcohol and then sell them through there (link to Hobbs and Dunningham's 'Glocal' Crime)
                                            2. The 'McMafia' - Misha Glenny (2008)
                                              1. Russian gang formed in 1989
                                                1. Tried to innovate with the Soviets' communist prices on resources
                                                  1. Becomes a new capitalist class known as 'Oligarchs'
                                                  2. Unlike the US and Italian gangs where there is a sense of family and heirachy, the McMafia relies on money and economy to structure the gang.
                                                    1. Need to protect income and keep promises (globally or internationally) to ensure economic income is successful
                                                      1. Can lead to international money laundering!
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