Natural/Physical World in L'Etranger

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Natural world in Etranger

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Natural/Physical World in L'Etranger
1 Nature
1.1 Feels most alive when his senses are invaded by nature
1.1.1 heat, light, sea, smell of flowers and earth etc
1.1.2 Indifferent and unemotional when dealing with people. Opens himself to nature cette présence dans mon dos me gênait - at vigil Contrast to: 'il faisait doux...un odeur de nuit et de fleurs' - also at vigil. Human presence unnerves him but is relaxed by nature L'eclat de la lumière sur les murs blancs me fatiguait - again at the vigil he is relaxed by the shine of the light His desire to be at one with nature reflects his desire to live in the present - he is happiest when with nature Physical sensation - coolness of sea etc Nature does not judge/ask questions etc. all are things that M dislikes pour n'avoir plus à parler
1.1.3 Nature is emblematic of harmony, peace and freedom that he had before killing Arab In prison he gazes longingly out of the window towards the sea He enjoys the beauty and sensation of nature swimming in the sea, odour of flowers etc Before nature indicates happiness and harmony où j'avais été heureux After shooting it shows his longing to be free and, during the trial, it is a disruptive and bothersome intrusion
2 Negative effect of nature
2.1 Often heat and light are associated with painful situations/death
2.1.1 Heat and light at his mother's funeral le ciel était déjà plein de soleil C'était une belle journée qui se préparait le ciel était plein de rougeurs Natural world is always present during death
2.1.2 Beach scene with Arab la lumière a giclé sur l'acier j'ai secoué la sueur et le soleil c'était le même soleil que le jour où j'avais enterré maman Heat and light often overwhelm him He feels like he has no responsibility for the crime; he was overwhelmed by the elements and not in control
2.1.3 Trial Heat and light are intense again. Meursault is, like on the beach, not in control Quotation? Symptomatic of the lack of control and happiness that M has after his arrest Intrudes on contemplation and reflection which he has grown accustomed to post shooting
2.2 Nature acts as a premonition (I'm not expecting you to know what it means) for the murder when M wakes up that day
2.2.1 le jour, déjà plein de soleil, m'a frappé comme une gifle reference to physical violence - warning
2.2.2 Just before he shoots Arab the natural world is present la source fraîche - referring to sea le murmure de son eau Last time that he is truly content as a free man
3 Although mainly interested in nature, some human things fascinate him
3.1 death
3.1.1 je trouvais ce qu'il racontait juste et interéssant bodies at the asile must be buried quickly to avoid decomposition
3.1.2 Interested in finality of death - only certainty
3.2 decrepitude
3.2.1 old people in asile who seem especially ancient to him quotation
3.2.2 Salamano and his mangy dog
3.2.3 Unsavoury relationship between Raymond and his gf
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