Mumbai - Megacity

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Mumbai - Megacity
  1. Mumbai
    1. Megacity on the west-coast on India.


      • Megacity - a city with a population over  10million.
      1. Home to over 20 million people.
        1. 40% of all international flights to India land in Mumbai.
          1. It's geographical location means that it has become a global hub for some of the world's TNCs.
            1. The city is home to Bollywood.
              1. 60% of the population is living in poverty.
              2. Urban cycle
                1. Population is growing rapidly.
                  1. Urbanisation is occurring - people are migrating to Mumbai from all over India.
                    1. The urban pull makes people want to move for better job opportunities, better services, housing and quality of life.
                    2. Suburbanisation is also occurring - some people are moving away from the inner city. Suburbs are being built along to main rail and road routes.
                    3. Economy
                      1. Fast growing based on manufacturing but the service industry in becoming more important.
                        1. An increase in IT and finance.
                          1. Major media centre.
                            1. Major centre for out-sourced work.
                            2. Dharavi
                              1. Largest shanty town in Asia.
                                1. 100,000 people live and work in this area.
                                  1. Goods worth over $500m are produced here.
                                    1. Quality of life is one of the lowest in the world.
                                    2. Vision Mumbai
                                      1. Environment
                                        1. Creation of 325 new open spaces.
                                          1. 300 new public toilets to deal with sanitary problems.
                                          2. Transport
                                            1. Opened first metro line in 2008.
                                              1. 'Sealink' highway along the coast northern and southern Mumbai.
                                                1. 25km bridge connecting the city centre with towns on the other side of the Bay of Mumbai.
                                                  1. 160 energy-efficient trains.
                                                  2. Housing
                                                    1. 200,000 illegal slum dwellers have been moved & 45,00 shanty towns across the city have been destroyed.
                                                      1. 7-storey apartments will be built in the area for slum dwellers.
                                                        1. Dharavi has been given its own development project.
                                                        2. Employment
                                                          1. Improve economic growth rate by 8-10% a year.
                                                            1. Create 200,000 jobs in the service sector.
                                                              1. 200,000 jobs in the new industrial zone.
                                                                1. Increase construction employment by 500,000.
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