Handmaids Tale-Struggle for Identity

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Handmaids Tale-Struggle for Identity
  1. Dystopian future
    1. Infertility
      1. Caused by radiation poisoning
    2. Lack of womens rights
      1. 'Walking wombs'
        1. Treated as the Commanders property
          1. The Ceremony-Fertilisation of the Handmaids by the Commanders
            1. Handmaids have no choice. Essentially rape
              1. The Handmaids are held down by the Commanders wives
            2. The males of Gilead have all the power
              1. Run the state-they are the only people who are still being educated
                1. Information=power
                  1. 'I would like to know what's going on'
            3. Women are soley for breeding
              1. 'The womb is all that matters'
            4. Hierarchy of females
              1. Commanders Wives
                1. Aunts
                  1. Handmaids
                    1. Unwomen (infertile)
                2. Colours
                  1. Blue
                    1. Yellow/orange
                      1. Red
                        1. Brown
                          1. Red wings on the sides of their head
                            1. Unable to look around/be seen
                              1. Trapped within themselves-unable to talk to one another
                        2. Akin to the Virgin Mary
                    2. If women cannot breed/refuse to, they are taken to the Toxic remains of Gilead to die
                      1. Margret Atwood
                        1. 1980's America
                          1. Held a lot of controvosy
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