Important People for AS Russian History

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I do have a habit of adding much more information than is required but if you want to use this resource you can :) message me if anything is wrong or needs changing. Thank you :D

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Important People for AS Russian History
  1. Leon Trotsky
    1. Created the Red Army
      1. Pyotr Stolypin
        1. Made it easyer to leave Mirs
          1. Encoraged peasent land bank to lend money
            1. Mopped Up rural unrest with the use of Stolypins neckties.
              1. Repression
                1. "The Punnishment of a few prevents a sea of blood"
                  1. Stolypins neckties caused 15 000 deaths
                    1. Many Cases were heard in secret- with out a lawyer
                      1. sentences carried out in 24 hrs.
                        1. No apeals again sentences
                        2. Many exiled to serbia to work in GULAGS or LABOUR CAMPS
                    2. fell out with the 3rd Duma as he didnt want to extend the powers of the Zemstva system
                      1. Made taxation high so that it could be put into Industrialisation
                        1. hjkhkjhjk
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