Sporting Initiatives and Agencies

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Sporting Initiatives and Agencies
  1. Aim: retain people
    1. Keep people involved once they have started the sport.
      1. People who remain involved will maintain or improve health and fitness.
        1. How? An effective network of clubs, good facilities, opportunity for competition.
          1. People can take up many roles: Sports Leader, Coach, Marshal/Official, Participant, Volunteer.
          2. Aim: increase participation
            1. So more people can have increased health and fitness.
              1. Leads to a healthier nation.
                1. More entertainment from better performers.
                  1. To continue the sport through new generations.
                  2. Aim: create opportunities
                    1. For talented performers to achieve success.
                      1. Progression needs to be possible for both foundation and elite athletes.
                        1. Agencies will set up initiatives to promote new opportunities.
                          1. Through better facilities, better coaching, better education.
                          2. Sport England is an example of an agency. It works to create a community sports system by investing in national lottery funding, working with UK sport, delivering a mass participation sporting legacy (from the 2012 games).
                            1. Youth Sport Trust is an example of an agency. It works to create a PE and sport system for young people by working with schools and NGBs to create new clubs, creates the next generation of volunteers as coaches, officials and team managers, supporting sports colleges.
                              1. NGBS work to increase the numbers and skill level of people participating in their sport by increasing the quality and quantity of coaches, volunteers and officials, organising more competitions, assisting with facility developments.
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