What is the Role of Human Rights in the Mekong?

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Mekong River-Human Rights Committee and Stakeholder

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What is the Role of Human Rights in the Mekong?
  1. Committees
    1. Commerce
      1. Interested in the buying and selling or trading aspects concerning the Mekong River
        1. Support
          1. Trade provides income for people
      2. Tourism
        1. Interested in the tourism aspect of the Mekong and the reasons people visit it
          1. Support
            1. Provides jobs and income for people
        2. Agriculture
          1. Interested in the agriculture and food security of the poor people in the Mekong
            1. Support
              1. Food security
          2. Human Rights
            1. Interested in helping the poor people along the Mekong and their needs
            2. Energy
              1. Interested in the generation of energy from the Mekong River
                1. Not support
                  1. Try to stop too many dam proposals
                    1. Less dams, invest in more alternative sources of energy
                      1. microhydro power
                        1. wind/solar energy
                        2. If not, huge project like Xayaburi dam can bring irrevocable changes
                          1. Permanent damage ecology and ecosystem o river
                            1. Forcibly relocate over 2,100 people
                              1. Affect 202,000 people
                                1. Endanger fishes
                                  1. Mekong Giant Catfish
                        3. Environment
                          1. Interested in maintaining and mitigating damage of the environment of the Mekong by development projects and dams
                            1. Support
                              1. Better environment
                                1. Healthy, more fish
                                  1. Food security
                        4. Issues with Human Rights
                          1. Food security
                            1. Energy Committee
                              1. Construct minimal, and necessary amount of dams
                                1. Mitigates risk on fish and river ecology
                                  1. More available food for income and consummation
                                    1. River will start to flourish again
                                2. Share issue with Agriculture and Environment Committees/stakeholders
                                3. Unjust Compensation
                                  1. Construction stakeholder
                                    1. Employ men and women to work in projects/dams
                                      1. Part of compensation to the people
                                        1. Payment for food and to live
                                  2. Unequal electricity Distribution
                                    1. 90% of electricity generated from the Xayaburi dam will go to Thailand and Vietnam
                                      1. Distribute fairly and equally among the SE Asian region
                                        1. Further develop countries
                                          1. Export of electricity to countries
                                            1. Countries get paid
                                              1. GDP growth
                                            2. Access to internet, electronics, better tech
                                    2. Background of whole issue
                                      1. Environment/Climate
                                        1. Dams and development projects in Mekong River
                                          1. Changing the ecology and river flow
                                            1. Bad/undesirable climate changes
                                              1. Droughts or floods
                                                1. Poor people suffer
                                            2. Threaten Marine life
                                              1. Irrawwady dolphins nearly extinct
                                                1. No other species can survive
                                                  1. Top of food chain
                                                  2. Overfishing
                                                    1. Not much fish left
                                                      1. Threaten people's food security and income/trade
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