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Prep for women

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  1. Context
    1. During the reign of Queen Victoria, a woman's place was in the home, as domesticity and motherhood were considered by society at large to be a sufficient emotional fulfilment for females.
      1. At the heart of the domestic ideal was the mother and her children. Since early in the 19th century the role of mother had been idealised. Motherhood was no longer simply a reproductive function, but was imbued with symbolic meaning. Domesticity and motherhood were portrayed as sufficient emotional fulfilment for women.
        1. Prose
          1. 'If it was not a mothers place to look after her children, then who's was it?'
            1. Written by Chopin, 'The Awakening'. Based around the main character of Edna who is trying to escape societal constraints.
              1. Technique- Rhetorical Question
              2. Drama
                1. 'Women marry because they are bored. Men marry because they are tired. Both are disappointed.'
                  1. Said by Lord Illingworth in 'A Woman Of No Importance'.
                    1. Technique- Satirical Tone
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