Daily Hassles

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Daily Hassles
  1. Research on daily hassles
    1. Measuring hassles and uplifts
      1. DeLongis et al
        1. HSUP - The Hassles and Uplifts Scales
          1. Measures a respondents attitudes towards daily situations
            1. Evaluates both the positive and negative events
      2. Daily Hassles
        1. Bouteyre et al
          1. Investigated the relationship between daily hassles and the mental health of students during the initial transition period from school to university
            1. Used part of the HSUP and Becks Depression Inventory
              1. Found there was a positive correlation between scores on the hassles scale and the incidence of depressive symptoms
                1. 41% suffered from depressive symptoms
                  1. Shows daily hassles can be considered a significant risk factor for depression
          2. Daily Uplifts
            1. Gervais
              1. Asked nurses to keep a diary for a month, recording daily hassles and uplifts at work
                1. Daily hassles decreased job performance and increased job strain
                  1. Uplifts sometimes counteracted the negative effects of daily hassles
            2. Daily Hassles Vs Life Changes
              1. Flett et al
                1. Daily hassles have more of an impact because of less social support
            3. Evaluation
              1. Methodological problems
                1. What does the research tell us?
                  1. Correlation not cause
                  2. The problems of retrospective recall
                    1. Overcome by using diary method
                      1. Participants usually asked about the previous month
                    2. Explaining daily hassles
                      1. The accumulation effect
                        1. The build up of hassles over the day can result in more stress reactions
                          1. Lazarus
                        2. The amplification effect
                          1. Chronic stress due to a major life change can make people more vulnerable to hassles
                      2. Individual Difference
                        1. Miller
                          1. Pets can be seen as an uplift for females but are more associated with hassles in males
                        2. Applications
                          1. Gulian et al
                            1. Road rage linked to daily hassles
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