Positive Impacts of Tourism

Amy Arthur
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Amy Arthur
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A-Level Travel and Tourism (Exam Revision) Mind Map on Positive Impacts of Tourism, created by Amy Arthur on 05/18/2015.

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Positive Impacts of Tourism
  1. Social Impacts
    1. Employment opportunities
      1. More money goes back into the area
      2. Improved facilities / infrastructure for locals
      3. Economic Impacts
        1. More income
          1. Increased profits
            1. Employment opportunities
              1. Multiplier effect
                1. Provides the government with considerable tax revenues
                2. Environmental Impacts
                  1. Pressure to look after the environment (e.g. National Parks)
                    1. Money is spent on protecting / improving areas (preserving nature)
                      1. Educate tourists to help prevent environmental damage
                      2. Cultural Impacts
                        1. Preserve traditional customs > more respect
                          1. Local food
                            1. Local lingo / foreign language skills develop in host community
                              1. Local dances
                              2. Tourists can stimulate the production / sales of local arts and crafts
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