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  1. Which athletes appeal to sponsors?
    1. Successful
      1. High performance quality
        1. Role model
          1. Attractive
            1. Good relationship with the fans
              1. Clean cut
                1. Scandal free
                  1. Male
                  2. Advantages to a company sponsoring an athlete/sport
                    1. Adds value to the brand
                      1. Brand stands out from the rest
                        1. Association with excellence
                          1. establishes community relations by sponsoring grass root sport
                            1. Hospitality to do business with clients
                              1. attract and retain staff
                              2. Disadvantages of sponsorship in sport
                                1. Uneven development across sport (male+ female)
                                  1. Popular sports gain higher media coverage and more sponsorship
                                    1. Can sometimes make sports change their format (one day cricket)
                                      1. Sponsors can withdraw when objectives are not being met
                                        1. Some products may promote unhealthy lifestyle
                                        2. Should athletes consider the nature of a sponsor's product?
                                          1. No
                                            1. They never asked to be a role model
                                              1. Unlikely that other forms of financial support would be available
                                                1. Financial needs override ethical objectives
                                                  1. Other companies may withdraw financial support
                                                  2. Yes
                                                    1. As a role model they have a social responsibilty
                                                      1. Product should suit nature of sport
                                                        1. Could bring criticism upon themselves and the sport
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