Civil War

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Civil War
  1. Abraham Lincoln
    1. The President of the Union during the Civil War
      1. Monitor and Merrrimac
        1. new type of ship clad in iron
      2. Emancipation Proclomation
        1. freed all slaves that were rebellious to Union
        2. Draft law
          1. forced men b/w ages 18-45 to join war or pay 300 dollars or find replaement
          2. Bounty jumping
            1. soldiers attempted to get paid multiple times for joing war
            2. Gettysburg Adress
              1. given at battlefield. Moral reason to fight war. Unify North.
              2. 13th amendment
                1. no slavery
              3. General George McClellan
                1. Commander of Union forces in the east and Lincoln's opponent in the 1864 election. He tended towards inaction
                  1. Antietam
                    1. McClellan put back in charge AGAIN. McClellan got Lee's battle plans but waited to make THE PERFECT attack. By this time Lee came up w a new plan; it ended on a draw (BLOODIEST BATTLE) on Sep 17,1862. But, gave Lincoln the "Victory" he needed to announce the emancipation proclomation
                2. General Ulysses S. Grant
                  1. Leader of Union forces in West and later named Lieutenant
                    1. Wilderness campaign
                      1. Grant wanted Vicksburg cuz it was key to Mississippi. Cut army loose from supplies and w/i 5 days Port Hudson fell, and w/i week ALL ports fell
                    2. General Sherman
                      1. General Sheridan
                        1. Responsible for surrounding Lee and forcing his surrender in 1865
                        2. Led a march from Atlanta to Savanna and declared "Total war"
                          1. Sherman'/s March to Sea
                            1. Burned down Atlanta. Going to Atlantic ocean destroying a path 60 miles wide and 300 miles long. NO MERCY! This helped Lincoln win another term.
                          2. Jefferson Davis
                            1. President of the Confederate states of America
                            2. Stonewall Jackson
                              1. Defended Confederacy at First battle of Bull Run, and was later killed by friendly fire
                              2. Robert E. Lee
                                1. The most respected Confederate General. Asked to lead Union forces, ut he declined because of his love for Virginia.
                                  1. Meade (Union) followed Confederates. Finally at Gettysburg they fought. After 3 DAYS: Lee lost and began his retreat on July 4,1856
                                  2. Anaconda plan
                                    1. Squeeze life out of South by cutting off all supplies
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