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  1. First World War
    1. Triple Entente: France, England, Russia, (Serbia)
      1. Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
        1. This led to a World War (all the countries were involved)
        2. The Naval Race
          1. A race in Europe to have the biggest navy.
          2. Tensions in Europe pre-1914:
            1. Serbia wanted back part of Austria-Hungray.
              1. Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand:
                1. Happy day: Sophie just announced she was pregnant. They went to Sarajevo for military inspections..
                  1. The Black Hands' attack went horribly wrong.
                    1. Grenade; (arrived late). Tried to kill himself, poison was too old; tried to drown;not enough water - summer.
                      1. Second guy chickened out.
                      2. Driver took a wrong turn into an alley where Gavrilo Princip was.
                        1. Gavrilo shot Sophie; Franz Ferdinand in the shoulder. Bled to death.
              2. Shlieffen Plan
                1. Germany couldn't get into France by the border.
                  1. They went through Belgium.
                    1. Really easy and quick.
                      1. Not.
                        1. Belgium fought bravely, and they flooded the country to slow them down.
                          1. France and british troops went into Marne, and the battle of Marne was fought.
                            1. Went into trench warfare for a brutal battle.
                            2. Russian troops were ready; German troops went from France back to Germany to defend.
                              1. Split their army.
                                1. Plan Failed
                                2. Resulted in trench warfare and stalemate for 4 years.
                      2. Invade France, then Russia!
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