To what extent do your three main texts target a mainstream audience? [TV]


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To what extent do your three main texts target a mainstream audience? [TV]
  1. Casualty
    1. Stripped 9PM BBC 1 Saturday night - older audience
      1. BBC One - British audience (most popular channel in UK). BBC One unpopular with youth-mainstream audience is older
        1. TV soap - lower/middle class audience
          1. Middle aged+ British audience of lower/middle class - Mainstream to a large extent
            1. Hyper realistic representation, mise en scene - relatable to this audience. For example in episodes 16-17 season 29, cast members wear everyday clothing. Focus on personal relationships in many ways- Lottie and Ethan doing personality quizzes, patient's mother who believes her ex-con boyfriend is an abuser, a poor family struggling to get by, Connie's complicated relationship with Grace.
              1. Focus on the NHS, average British people of all classes and ages - target mainstream audience
                1. Advertising on BBC networks - aired on Freeview and available online on iPlayer. BBC One (Casualty's channel) most widely viewed channel in UK- target mainstream
            2. Made in Chelsea
              1. Scripted reality show focusing on wealthy young adults - target teens and young adults
                1. Aspirational iconography - young adults
                  1. Synergy campaigns with Rimmel, a low cost makeup brand popular with young girls
                    1. Focus on complicated love triangles ie Spencer, Caggy, and Funda in episodes 1-2 of season 1 and Gabriella and Ollie - appeals to single, young audience
                      1. Each star promoted via social networking ie Millie Mackintosh's twitter - young audience
                        1. Phone game- young audience
                        2. Shown on E4- very popular channel with UK youth. Mainstream audience on E4 is young adults
                          1. Simple representation not dealing with socio-economic or social issues at all- use of male gaze, focus on the rich and healthy. Young, less educated audience will have a preferred reading.
                            1. Entirely targets young adults, however that is the mainstream audience on E4.
                            2. True Detective
                              1. Series is an 18- target adult audience
                                1. HBO program aired on Sky - pay to watch. Less mainstream, targets audience w/ disposable income
                                  1. Use celebrities to target mainstream audience- Matthew McConaghey, Woody Harrelson, Vince Vaughn
                                    1. Lincoln adverts w/ McConaghey and True Detective quotes- target upper/middle class viewers (expensive car)
                                      1. Deals with complicated social topics as per the southern gothic genre; racism, sexism, occult - Targets educated audience. Educated audience also targeted by a "genius" sherlock holmes style detective as protagonist- Russ
                                        1. Educated, adult, upper/middle class audience. Mainstream targeted to a moderate extent.
                                          1. DVDs readily available in Tesco, etc- mainstream
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