The Battle of Hastings

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The Battle of Hastings
  1. Against Harald
    1. Harold
      1. marched a long way to get there
        1. surprised Harald and his army while they were cooking breakfast
          1. slaughtered most of them
            1. The rest fled
        2. After had to march all of the way back down to Caldbec Hill and recruit on the way
          1. Lots of army died in the ambush
            1. Harald
              1. fought against 2 of Harold's best armies and won
                1. Harald was killed in the attack
                  1. Only 24 of 300 Norwegian ships made it back to Norway
                2. Against William
                  1. Caldbec Hill
                    1. Harold at top
                      1. easier to fight from
                      2. William at bottom
                        1. harder to fight from
                      3. Harold
                        1. no archers
                          1. Threw rocks instead
                          2. the Fyrd
                            1. Housecarls
                              1. Huge axes
                                1. Most of army were new recruits
                                  1. because most died in fight against Harald
                                  2. His army marched 260 miles in all of their armour in
                                      1. Had to march 260 miles and then fight a battle and then fight another battle
                                      2. William
                                        1. Archers
                                          1. shot arrows once and missed most of them
                                            1. Shot again and one hit Harold in the eye
                                              1. To make sure a Norman soldier stabbed Harold in the side
                                            2. Talipher ran up hill and got slaughtered
                                              1. Attacked when he found out that Harold had gone up North to fight Harald
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