Middle Ages Medicine

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Created by RodneyBennett about 6 years ago
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Middle Ages Medicine
1 problems with public health systems
1.1 most people did'nt have clean water
1.2 public toilets only exsited in big towns and citys
1.3 lead pipes leaked
1.4 many people went toilet in the streets
1.5 poor people in towns were worse off
1.6 people in the conutry had better facilities
1.7 rich people could afford the better water
1.8 rats
1.9 rubbish was left out on the streets
2 government attempt to help
2.1 lead pipes laid in london
2.2 1347 sanitary act tried to keep streets clean
2.3 1281 government tries to stop pigs in the streets of london
2.4 laws were passed to try and deal with the problems
2.5 little organisation of water sanitatioin
2.6 1388 government wrote a report about how disgusting the streets were
3 benifits with public health systems
3.1 standard of hygiene in monasteries was high
3.1.1 fresh water in
3.1.2 dirty water out
3.2 southamton inproved health when a bishop left his money
3.3 public baths called stewes were set up in some towns
3.3.1 church didnt like this
4 hospitals
4.1 almshouses
4.1.1 care for the deserving poor and old
4.1.2 strict rules ser
4.1.3 not intended to be a hostital
4.2 leprosy
4.2.1 leper houses were set up for lerpers to live
4.2.2 leprosy destroys the nerves and parts fall off
4.2.3 expected to keep away from everyone very infectious
4.3 monks and nuns
4.3.1 founded by charity donations
4.3.2 normally ran by monks and nuns
4.3.3 it felt that patients needed spirtual support more then medical treatment
4.3.4 very good food in the hospitals, meats fish veg
4.3.5 beds positioned so they could see the alter
5 the role of war
5.1 negatives
5.1.1 forgot to treat the normal people
5.1.2 prevents people traveling no new knowledge
5.1.3 druids (merlin) were killed by romans
5.2 positives
5.2.1 roman hospitals were good at surgery
5.2.2 brang knowledge for england
5.2.3 war brang new problems for surgery devloped better skills
6 why still use galen
6.1 people still went to church every sunday
6.1.1 church only teaches people galens theroys
6.1.2 no devolopment in training new edoctors
6.1.3 universitys only used galens books to teach no new devlopments
6.2 church owned all the books
6.2.1 choose what books went in therer
6.2.2 people beleive what the church says
6.2.3 people belived in old books

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