Life in WW1


Mind Map on Life in WW1, created by Rahul Panikker on 05/24/2015.
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Rahul Panikker
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Life in WW1
  1. Tactics
    1. Artillery
      1. Trench Warfare
        1. Tunneling
          1. Charge into no man's land
            1. War on two Fronts ( the Schlieffen Plan)
            2. Sides
              1. The triple entente
                1. Britain
                  1. Supported Belgium
                  2. Russia
                    1. Supported Serbia
                    2. France
                    3. The triple-alliance
                      1. Italy
                        1. Germany
                          1. Austria-Hungary
                        2. The Somme
                          1. Lions led by donkeys
                            1. This term is used to describe how brave young men would risk their lives and fight the enemy, while their leaders sat at base camp in safety
                              1. The soldiers (mostly privates) were lions, the leaders were Donkeys
                              2. General Haig : Was he a good man?
                                1. Casualties
                                  1. 420,000 British
                                    1. 195,000 French
                                      1. 650,000 German
                                      2. Objectives
                                        1. Try and claim small bits of land gradually.
                                        2. Began 1st July, 07:30
                                        3. The trenches
                                          1. Dirty and damp. All sorts of weather could be expected
                                            1. Cramped
                                              1. Lice
                                                1. Rats
                                                  1. Front line trenches faced heavy artillery. Communication trench was safer
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