Chemistry KS3 Y7

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This on the end of year exam sylabus for y7

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Chemistry KS3 Y7
  1. Seperating Mixtures
    1. Distillation
      1. The action of purifying a liquid by heating and cooling
        1. Fractional distillation
          1. Separating ethanol from water
            1. The burning point of ethanol is 78 degrees so they separate
          2. Pure water from ink
          3. Filteration
            1. When a substances is filtered through a filter
              1. The filter paper catches the solids
              2. Evaporation
                1. When it turns from liquid into vapour
                  1. An example is when bathroom water turns into vapour on the glass
                  2. Chromatography
                    1. Separation of dyes from other colours
                      1. The higher the dye goes, the easier it is to dissolve
                    2. Heating and burning
                      1. Heating is the process when a physical change occurs
                        1. No new substance is formed
                          1. It is very easy to reverse.
                            1. An example of this is melting.
                              1. Sublimation
                                1. Solid to gas and gas to solid.
                                  1. The order is solid-liquid-gas, gas-liquid-solid
                                    1. Solid to liquid is melting
                                      1. liquid to gas is evaporation
                                    2. Burning is when a chemical change occurs
                                      1. That is when a new substance is involved.
                                        1. It is very hard to reverse
                                          1. Example is gas burning
                                        2. Elements, mixtures and compounds
                                          1. An element contains only 1 type of atom
                                            1. A mixture is a substance that contains two or more chemicals, atoms, not chemically joined
                                              1. A compound is a chemical that contains more than one atom chemically joined
                                              2. PH scale and Indicators
                                                1. 0-6 equals red to yellow
                                                  1. 7 equals green
                                                    1. 8-14 equals dark green to blue
                                                      1. Red cabbage
                                                        1. Litmus
                                                          1. In acid, blue turns red
                                                            1. In alkali, red turns blue
                                                            2. Universal
                                                            3. Periodic table
                                                              1. Horiziontal rows are called periods
                                                                1. Vertical columns are called groups
                                                                  1. Non metals are from boron to astatine in stairs.
                                                                    1. 'IUM'S' are normally metals
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