Shape Up Australia

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Shape Up Australia program Ottawa charter action areas

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Shape Up Australia
  1. Reorient Health Services
    1. The Shape Up initiative focuses on preventing and reversing the impacts of obesity. Obesity is a significant biological determinant of health in Australia due to its prevalence and relationship to other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
      1. This campaign helps reorient health services as individuals learn skills to reduce the risk of obesity and its associated conditions.
    2. Develop Personal Skills
      1. It develops personal skills by using its logo to help consumers identify goods and services that have been proven to assist in maintaining healthy body weight.
      2. Create Supportive Environment
        1. The program creates a supportive environment by making it easier to access health information.
          1. Users can download an iPhone app so they always have access to ideas for being more active and selecting healthier food options.
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