World War 2

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events and significant actions taken by countries during WW2

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World War 2
  1. Internment and Xenophobia
    1. Executive Order 9066 decision
      1. long lasting anti Japanese sentiment
        1. vengance after pearl harbour
          1. physical differences made them an enemy race
            1. military advisors minipulated information
              1. designated certian areas as military zones, removed J-A's from their homes to internment camps on the interrior
              2. Hirabayashi
                1. court declared cerfews amungst minority groups was constitutional when nation was at war with the country
                2. Koremastu
                  1. court declared internment of american citizens with japanese dissent was constitutional
                    1. reasoning- prevent internal dammage by those who may be loyal to Japan, impossible to distingush loyal from disloyal so they went for everyone
                  2. Ex Partie Endo (1944)- court ruled that citizens who were loyal could not be interned by the government
                    1. mexicans were also targeted, people would beat them up on the street especially in CA
                      1. lack of responce by FDR to the holocaust- antisemetic feelings in the US and fear of massive jewish immigration
                        1. simmilar to JA internment- caused the hesitation by FDR to approve
                      2. The European Theater
                        1. American Responce
                          1. Germany invades Poland
                            1. cash & carry- money and munitions but allies have to come here to get it
                            2. Germany defeats France
                              1. Lend lease- Cash without carry
                              2. Japan continues attack on China
                                1. ban on trade (oil embargo)
                                2. Pearl Harbour
                                  1. declaration of war on Japan
                                3. Atlantic Charter- people have right to govern them selves w/out dictator
                                  1. conrtibution by the allies
                                    1. supplied 50% of all goods
                                      1. mobile army- men were very handy
                                      2. invasion of Normandy- americans had fast mobile army
                                        1. D-day- won bc many troops and supplies
                                        2. Dresdon- intense fire bombing (pilots felt bad)
                                          1. US had low amount of civilian death- not fighting on their own territory
                                            1. soviets lost many people because of poor decisions
                                            2. VE day- war is over, divide up countries, hitler kills himself
                                            3. The Home Front
                                              1. American View
                                                1. stay isolated
                                                  1. horrifired by past events
                                                  2. Women
                                                    1. challenges
                                                      1. payed less
                                                        1. men didnt think they could do as well as them
                                                          1. each represented a man gone to war
                                                            1. continued to have to clean house/ kids
                                                            2. bennefits
                                                              1. felt needed
                                                                1. got social security numbers
                                                                  1. payed more than previous jobs
                                                                  2. type of work
                                                                    1. everything related to war effort
                                                                      1. riveting, sifting gunpowder etc
                                                                  3. Propaganda
                                                                    1. fear- protect children
                                                                      1. guilt- gave brother/ son/ husband, what will you give
                                                                      2. Revenue Act of 1941- raised taxes to get money for the war
                                                                      3. The Atomic Age
                                                                        1. Manhattan Project- scientists work to make nuclear bomb before Germany, when it was finnished my scientists worried about the strength of the bomb
                                                                          1. Potsdam Conference- separation of Germany and other countries, US want for Japans unconditional surrender, US had power after discovery of atomic bomb
                                                                            1. signed by England, China, and Japan
                                                                              1. significance- US drops bomb of Japan, Russia declares war and Japan does not respond to surrender request, US drops another bomb
                                                                              2. Yalta conference- Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill meet, three would join to draft a UN charter (gave council responcibility for keeping peace
                                                                                1. contraversey- much info was kept secret, Americans didnt trust Russia, but Roosevelt wanted to keep a working relationship with them
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