Wartime Coalition Government

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Wartime Coalition Government
1 Arthur Greenwood
1.1 deputy leader of labour in the 1930s
1.2 outspoken critic of appeasement
1.3 put in coalition goverment in may 1940
1.4 dropped from cabinet in 1943
1.4.1 put in charge of plans for reconstruction
2 Ernest Bevin
2.1 founded + led the transport and general workers trade union
2.2 opposed communism and facism
2.3 minister of labour and for national service 1940-1945
2.3.1 after 1945 was foreign secretary under Attlee
3 Lord Beaverbrook
3.1 minister of aircraft production
3.1.1 greatly expanded the number of airplanes avaliable to the RAF
3.2 turned the daily express into one of the most influential papers in britain
4 Kingsley Wood
4.1 Minister for Air 1938-1949
4.2 Chancellor of the Exchequer 1940-1943
4.3 Raised taxation to pay for the war
4.3.1 Later developed 'pay-as-you-earn' for income tax
5 Sir John Anderson
5.1 Home secretary 1940
5.1.1 Anderson shelters named after him
5.2 Chancellor of the Exchequer 1943
6 Winston Churchill
6.1 Prime minister 1940
6.2 Minister of Defence
6.2.1 exercised considerable control over war strategy
6.3 Intervined in other policy areas
6.3.1 left labour to Bevin
7 Clement Attlee
7.1 Deputy prime minster
7.2 Most domestic matters were administrated by him
7.3 helped persuade Churchill to accept social reform
8 Anthony Eden
8.1 Resigned as foreign secretary in 1938 to protest against appeasement
8.2 foreign secretary 1940-1945
8.3 became prime minister in 1955
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