Bible Characters KS3 Y7

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Bible Characters KS3 Y7
  1. Adam and Eve
    1. They were the first people on earth
      1. They had no rules except one
        1. They could not eat from a holy tree
          1. The tree of Good and evil
            1. They were punished
        2. They sinned against God
          1. A serpent named Lucifer (Satan) persuaded them
            1. He was an angel who tried to overthrow God
              1. He was kicked out of heaven
                1. Went to hell
            2. Lesson learnt
              1. Do not be foolish and listen to everyone
            3. Moses
              1. Start to his life
                1. He was put in a river
                  1. Parents were afraid he would be killed
                    1. He was first a Jew
                      1. He became an Egyptian
                        1. Young Jews were killed by Egyptians
                          1. He left because he killed a man
                          2. He had two real cybling
                            1. He did not know
                              1. He only knew Ramesis
                            2. His later- self
                              1. He became a Jew
                                1. He ran away for killing a man
                                  1. A lamb ran into the bush
                                    1. He went and it started burning
                                      1. He heard God's words
                                  2. Ten commandments
                                    1. The ten commandments were made
                                      1. Moses set the Jews free
                                        1. He used the ten plagues
                                        2. God told the Jews how to be real Jews
                                      2. Prince of Egypt
                                      3. Abraham and Isaac
                                        1. His children
                                          1. He lived in a village
                                            1. He was told that if he wants a child, he has to move village
                                              1. He was too old
                                                1. Did not believe God
                                                  1. Went at the end
                                              2. His kingdom
                                                1. He started a new village
                                                  1. He brought his :
                                                    1. Nephew
                                                      1. Wife
                                                        1. Possesions
                                                          1. People
                                                          2. Land of Canaan
                                                        2. His task
                                                          1. Sacrifice his son, Isaac
                                                            1. Lied to him to bring him there
                                                              1. He sacrificed a ram or a lamb
                                                          2. David and Saul
                                                            1. Envy
                                                              1. Feels threatened by David
                                                                1. Wants him killed
                                                                  1. Betrays God
                                                                    1. Leads to his death
                                                                    2. Loses David so loses war against Phylastine army
                                                                    3. David, a better leader
                                                                      1. He doesn't need armour to fight Goliath
                                                                        1. He listens to his father, even if he doesn't want to
                                                                          1. He was willing to give up his life to fight
                                                                            1. He was chosen by God to fight Goliath
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