The Work of the Archaeologist

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The Work of the Archaeologist
  1. Archaelogy
    1. history from material remains
    2. Artefacts
      1. objects made by people
      2. Prehistory
        1. before writing was invented
        2. Finding the sites
          1. Above ground
            1. Chance
              1. Stories
                1. Aerial photography
                  1. Underwater
                  2. Excavations
                    1. Survey and plan the land
                      1. Diggers for topsoil
                        1. Grid is mapped to record finds
                          1. Careful trowel digging
                            1. Brushes and sieves to clear around objects
                            2. Records
                              1. Finds are numbered and stored in bags
                                1. Catalogued
                                  1. Images record site and finds at each stage in the dig
                                    1. Finds are sorted and investigated in a labratory
                                    2. Dating
                                      1. Stratigraphy
                                        1. the lower something is found, the older it is
                                        2. Dendrochronology
                                          1. tree-ring dating, each year trees grow a new ring of wood
                                          2. Coins
                                            1. often have dated stamps or heads
                                            2. Radiocarbon dating
                                              1. living things take in carbon-14, which begins to decay after death
                                            3. Conservation
                                              1. the preservation of ancient objects
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