The slave trade

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The slave trade
  1. How
    1. They traveled by boat across the Atlantic Ocean.
      1. This is how the people sat on the boat...
        1. The boats were crammed with people and they had no space.
        2. What
          1. It lasted from 1441 to 1807
            1. It started in portugal
              1. It was a trade in people
                1. It lasted until Victorian times!
                2. Who
                  1. The countries involved were England, Spain, Africa, Jamaica, Portugal, Barbados and Brazil
                    1. The UK ended slavery with an act in 1807.
                    2. Where
                      1. The slave trade triangle
                        1. From Europe to Africa, textiles, rum and manufactured good were given. Then from Africa to America, slaves were given. Then from America to Europe, sugar, tobacco and cotton was given.
                        2. When
                          1. In the 15th-19th centuries
                            1. In the early 19th century, William Wilberforce helped abolish the slave trade.
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