Care - A Family Affair - K101

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Care - A Family Affair - K101
  1. What is care?
    1. Care repairs, supports and maintains peoples physical, mental & emotional health & well-being
      1. We all need care at different times in our lives
        1. wellbeing = respecting spiritual needs, dignity & social needs
        2. Care within families
          1. Family care saves the government a lot of money
            1. Unofficial carers are family/friends who care for someone who is ill or unable to manage
              1. Important to identify carers to offer help &/or financial support
                1. Can be difficult to identify carers - kept private, resistance to be labelled, hard to measure amount of care
                2. Carers Allowance, £61.35 per week for 35+ hours care
                  1. Experiencing family care
                    1. Care relationships can be stressful
                      1. Caring is hard work & can impact on family life, careers & social life. It can be lonely.
                        1. A crisis may occur before people seek support
                          1. Relationship between carer and cared-for influenced by past & present lives
                            1. Sense of duty/no choice
                              1. Cared-for are vulnerable to abuse & ill-treatment, and vice versa
                              2. Examples - Ann, Angus
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