We're going on a bear hunt outdoor

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We're going on a bear hunt outdoor

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We're going on a bear hunt outdoor
  1. Physical development
    1. Obstacle course
      1. Snow storm
        1. Long grass (crepe paper)
          1. River (paddling pool with blue balloons)
            1. Mud (brown cushions)
              1. Forest
            2. Literacy
              1. Role play - cave
                1. Small world with duplo people to retell story
                2. Retelling story
                3. Expressive arts and design
                  1. Retell the story
                    1. Mixing colours to make new colours (brown for bear etc)
                      1. Bear masks using paper plates
                        1. Bear hunt using water colours
                        2. Mathematics
                          1. Number ducks
                            1. Sand moulds
                            2. Understanding the world
                              1. Using cameras, microphones to record the bear hunt
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