Southwest Asia

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Southwest Asia
  1. Has been controlled by many different Empires in its history
    1. The Ottoman Empire was the last of the empire builders to control the area
      1. The Turks controlled the Ottoman Empire
        1. At the end of World War I it was broken into British and French mandates
          1. Turkey was granted independence
            1. The Arabs on the Arabian Peninsula would be given their independence
              1. After WWII, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon were established as independent countries
                1. Palestine became a dilemma because Arabs and Jews claimed it as their home
                  1. Both Arabs and Jews had historical ties to Palestine
                    1. Zionists wanted an independent Jewish state
                      1. The Balfour Declaration stated Britain's support for a Jewish national home in Palestine
                        1. In 1947, the British withdrew from Palestine and turned the problem over to the United Nations
    2. Arab Empire spread Islamic religion, culture, and Arab language throughout this region
      1. The Arabian Peninsula
        1. Discovery of oil in the 1930's greatly changed traditional ways of life
          1. Health and educational services are free or heavily subsidized by the oil-rich governments
            1. Oman and Yemen
              1. Life for most people living in Oman and Yemen has changed little since ancient times
                1. Neither country has undergone large-scale modernization
                  1. Most people in both Oman and Yemen make their living by farming and herding
            2. Turkey
              1. Turks have a Turkish language and culture
                1. Mustafa Kemal broke the bond between Islam and the government
                  1. Turkey has repressed the Kurds because the Kurds want to form an independent state
                2. Saudi Arabia
                  1. Has invested heavily in building its infrastructure
                    1. The Rub'al-Khali desert is located in Saudi Arabia
                      1. Women in Saudi society are honored but given limited opportunities
                        1. Muslims come from all over the world to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca
                    2. Iran
                      1. A majority of Iranians are Shiite Muslims
                        1. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi bought major changes to Iran in an attempt to westernize the nation
                        2. Oil profits were used for industrial and agricultural development
                          1. The Khomeini government also brought changes to Iranian Society
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