Second Language Acquisition

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Second Language Acquisition
1 Input Hypothesis - Stephen Krashen
1.1 The most important question in language acquisition - "How do we acquire language?" "The same way."
1.2 Comprehensible input
1.2.1 anything to help language acquisition
1.2.2 talking is not practicing
2 BICS vs CALP - Jim Cummins
2.1 BICS - basic interpersonal communicative skills
2.1.1 discreet language skills - decoding skills rule-governed aspects of language
2.1.2 converstaion flunecy - what kinds bring to school around ages 4-5; can respond to questions; fluent in their language (basic)
2.2 CALP - cognitive academic language proficiency
2.2.1 our ability to produce increasingly complex aspects of the language
3 Universal Grammar - Noam Chomsky
3.1 States that all human language rests on innate blocks of expression - verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc
4 Threshold Hypothesis - Jim Cummins
4.1 bilingualism has positive effects on children
5 Critical Period Hypothesis - Eric Lenneberg
5.1 language acquisition is linked to age
5.1.1 first years are critical period
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