Evaluation of skills

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Evaluation of skills
  1. Strengths
    1. I developed my skills on final cut pro and used different transitions and sound editing techniques
      1. I used different camera shots like close ups, medium shots and long shots
      2. Developments
        1. Use a wider range of camera techniques such as different angles, subjective and objective treatment and camera movement
          1. Improve editing techniques like transitions and cutting
            1. Film in different locations and use a range of props to make the music video more interesting
              1. Make the quality of the footage better quality for a higher production value
              2. Useful theories
                1. I found the uses and gratifications theory useful as it helped me to gain knowledge as to why people use media products
                2. Photoshop
                  1. In photography I have learnt skills like...
                    1. Double exposure
                      1. I have experimented with contrast, vibrancy, levels and curves
                        1. I want to develop my skills in selective colour
                          1. I have experimented with different filters and hue and saturation, colour balance and channel mixer tools
                        2. Blogging software I used last year
                          1. Emaze
                            1. Prezi
                              1. Examtime
                                1. Powerpoint
                                  1. Not very interactive
                                2. Social networking sites we may use for our coursework
                                  1. Twitter/ Facebook
                                    1. Word of mouth
                                    2. Slide Share as we can share our PowerPoint presentations to upload to our blogs.
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