The Land

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The Land
  1. Australia
    1. Continent and country, and it isn't considered an island because of its size
      1. Mountains and Plateaus
        1. Australia is mostly flat except for the Great Dividing Range on the eastern coast.
          1. The range extends from the Cape York Peninsula to Tasmania which broke away from Australia a long time ago
            1. Most of the Rivers begin in the Diving Range
          2. The Western Plateau is flat land in central and western Australia and it covers two thirds of the continent
            1. It is also referred to as the outback
              1. the three deserts are the Gibson, Sandy and Victoria
                1. Towards the south coast, the Nullarbor Plain which means ¨no trees.¨it ends abruptly with a cliff on the Australian BIght
          3. Central Lowlands
            1. The central lowlands separates the outback and the Great Diving Range
              1. contains arid grasslands and desert and stretches across the east central part of Australia
                1. The Murray and Darling are the two rivers that supply water for farming year round because most of them dry up
                  1. The Great Artesian Basin is underneath the low lands but the water is too salty to drink, so ranchers use it for livestock
            2. Great Barrier Reef
              1. It lies on the northeastern coast and is the world's largest coral reef
                1. It is a world Heritage Site named by the United Nations, and also a national park
                  1. It is string of 2,300 small reefs formed from coral and extends 1,250 miles
              2. Natural Resources
                1. only 10 percent of the land on Australia is arable, but argiculture is still important
                  1. they grow wheat, barley, fruit, sugarcane. Ranchers raise cattle, sheep, and chicken in drier areas
                    1. one fourth of the world Bauxite is in Australia, which is the raw material for aluminum
              3. Oceania
                1. Island Clusters
                  1. The three main clusters are Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia
                    1. They extend from Midway Island which is in the north and New Zealand in the south.
                  2. Island Type
                    1. Low Islands
                      1. atolls that surround lagoons filled with coral reefs formed through submerged volcanoes
                        1. There is little soil and natural resources
                      2. Continental Islands
                        1. Formed through seabed that rose above the water. and most of the continental islands are large
                          1. Lots of them have volcanoes
                        2. High Islands
                          1. Earthquakes and eruptions still occur in these islands because they have a mountain or mountain ranges within the central, and coastal plains
                            1. volcanic soil is good for agriculture
                      3. New Zealand
                        1. North Island
                          1. South Island
                          2. Antarctica
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