Origins of WW1

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GCSE History (The Origins of the First World War) Mind Map on Origins of WW1, created by Anna. M on 10/19/2013.

Anna. M
Created by Anna. M almost 6 years ago
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Origins of WW1
1 The Alliance System
1.1 The treaties were secret so rival countries thought they were aggressive.
1.2 It turned local disputes into wider hostilities.
2 The arms race
2.1 Made countries militarily stronger
2.2 Made countries more aggressive.
3 The naval race
4 The Moroccan Crises
5 The Bosnian Crisis
6 The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
6.1 Triggered the war
6.2 assassinated by the Black Hand gang
6.2.1 Gavrilo Prinzip
6.2.2 They were Serbs led by Colonel Apis
6.2.3 They did not want him to get the throne (of the Austro-Hungarian empire) and pacify Bosnians, making it harder for the Serbs to unite all Slavs They wanted to destabilise the Austro-Hungarian empire and make public their opposition of the annexation of Bosnia
6.3 was on the 28th June 1914
6.4 In Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia

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