The heart

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Information about the heart for GCSE science

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The heart
  1. Arteries take blood Away from the heart, veINs bring it back IN to the heart
    1. Pulmonary artery
      1. carries deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs
      2. Vena cava
        1. brings deoxygenated blood from body to heart
        2. Chambers of the heart
          1. Top right chamber of heart- right atrium
            1. Bottom right chamber of the heart- right ventrium
              1. Top left chamber of heart- left atrium
                1. Bottom left chamber of heart- left ventrium
          2. Aorta
            1. Carries oxygenated blood from lungs to heart
            2. Order-
              1. Pulmonary vein
                1. Left atrium
                  1. Left ventricle
                    1. Aorta
                      1. Lungs
                        1. Vena Cava
                          1. Right Atrium
                            1. Right Ventricle
                              1. Pulmonary Artery
                1. Valves prevent blood flowing the wrong way through the heart (backflow)
                  1. The left ventricle muscle wall is thicker than the right ventricle as it pushes blood all round the body
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