Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution

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mindmap on the start of the Industrial revolution in Great Britain

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Why Great Britain Started the Industrial Revolution
  1. Natural Rescources
    1. Coal, iron ore, etc.
    2. Labour
      1. enclosure movement
        1. population continued to grow
          1. better tarnsportation
            1. allowed people to move to cities
          2. Capital
            1. industrial revolution grew
              1. money made in early industries
                1. reinvested
              2. Markets
                1. end of FR and Napoleons wars
                  1. opened continent up to British products
                  2. Latin American wars of independance
                    1. opened markets of Central and South America
                    2. US and Canada demanded British products
                      1. Control of India
                        1. commanded the markets of Southern Asia
                      2. Transportation
                        1. canals
                          1. railways (1830s and 40s)
                          2. Entrepreneurship
                            1. strong middle class
                              1. liberal nobles
                                1. willing to invest money
                              2. Government Support
                                1. strong navy
                                  1. protects merchant ships
                                  2. commercially minded government
                                    1. few laws to restrict what entrepreneurs did
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