Copyrighting Continued....


Our continued search for copyright for our media studies a level music choices
Zoe McGhee
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Copyrighting Continued....
  1. The first song: Lady Gaga Papparzi
    1. We got Perimssion from Universal Music to use the song for educational purposes only
      1. A member of their team responded to our emal
      2. The second song: Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding I need Your love
        1. The email we sent to the record comapny was sent back to the sender. We have expereience difficulties contacting the company.
          1. It is because of this we have come to the conculison the best way to contact the record company is through telephone
            1. This has proven difficult to do we continue to try however after our success with universal music we have chosen not to let this issue affect our process.
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